It’s Happening!

October 2016

Well what to say, I’ve never blogged before and really wanted something to look back on and also for friends and relatives to be able to see what I’m up to. So lets give it a go, what could possibly go wrong?

A bit about me first…..At coming up 60 and recently losing my father my eyes were opened to the “what’s it all about” question. Having worked in the printing industry as an engineer for 37 years I’ve really had enough.

I have been a lifelong motorbike addict (including racing at the Isle of Man TT) However a recent knee replacement means I cannot travel on the bikes as I used to do therefore plan ‘A’ was hatched.

Plan A

Sell my bikes and any other worldly possessions I have and procure a motorhome to go a travelling. So thanks to a very understanding partner I have been able to purchase “The Breadbin” a 2007 Hymer 504 on a Fiat base vehicle.18

So after some discussions about early retirement/redundancy I think I’m ready to start making plans.





I haven’t got round to updating as one or two things cropped up which needed attending to first, soooooooooo.

The trip home commenced on 5th October where the night was spent at Altomira again (turning into a regular).

6th October was 1 night at Oleron st Marie aire (free), a couple of hippy type travellers were holed up there but were no bother and by evening time the aire had filled up.

7th October was spent at “camping carpark” StCyr which is just north of poitiers euro9.60 and very peaceful (only me and 1 other).

Then onto Mailleraye sur Seine again on the 8th, Next day was up to Zebrugge for the overnight to Hull.

After some consideration I decided to downsize the breadbin and visited the NEC show to see what was about, here I was offered a very good p/x for a 59 plate PVC Vantage Neo to be collected on 24th. However in the meantime the breadbin was sold to a private buyer which then saved me a little money on the Neo……….happy days.

2 nights at Cadwell in the Neo highlighted a few little niggles which are all being addressed by the dealer.

Coming soon “Van Morrison” son of Breadbin.


White rabbits

Had a walk to the “salto de la  novia” a 60m waterfall where the legend is in order to be engaged your wife to be must jump the rocks which were a little bit like the strid at Bolton abbey

IMG_0197This morning I set off down the coast to just the other side of Alicante it’s hot again but very windy. The Breadbin will stay here for a month resting until I decide which direction next………..west to Portugal and home via northern Spain or east up the coast and through south or mid France into Germany/Belgium and home via Zebrugge. Plenty of time to decide.

Todo por ahora

Valencia (again)

The Lac Azur aire was fine, nothing special and only a short walk to the lake shore. I decided to get up early and get some miles under my belt.

660km later and I’m back at an old favourite http://www.campingaltomira.com in Navajas where I’ll stay until 1st September, yesterday saw the mother of all thunderstorms take place, however today (Wednesday) you wouldn’t think it was the same place it’s 28 degrees and quite humid again.

Friday I’ll move down the coast to La Escuera again where the Breadbin will rest for a month.



IMG_0233Where were we…………Sainte Suzanne well worth a visit and for all you cheapskates, there’s a free car park with toilets just next to the aire, not sure if it’s legal but plenty of motorhomes overnighting.

Then onwards to Chef Boutonne aire which is free, however when I arrived there was also some other “traveller” peeps there who seemed to have given up “travelling” and set up base camp along with dogs, puppies, and parrot type skawky things. Although they seemed friendly enough I wasn’t comfortable there for the night. I decided to move to the official campsite just down the road which was very good if a bit expensive at €21.60.

This morning travelled around 300km south to Lac Azur and another camping car park (free wifi, electricity etc). I was going to try to get to Pamplona today but it’s just too hot ( currently 35.5 outside and also inside the Breadbin.


Here we go

So arrived at Dieppe and travelled to Mailleraye (N49.4844 E000.773339) again at the side of the Seine, much better weather than back in February spent most af the day catching up on sleep. The aire now has a barrier but still well worth a visit at €5..50 for 24hrs instructions in English and accepted my card no probs. The weather is perfect at the moment.

Today travelled around 200km to Sainte Suzanne (N48.5.57527-W0.21.1994) a medieval town and listed as one of the most beautiful towns in France. I’m on the camping car parks aire and it’s €12.60 but this includes wifi (hence this), electricity and water/waste etc. I’ll take a walk into town and report back next time. 773 km so far.




And they’re off

Tomorrow we set off for Newhaven Dieppe where last time I turned right, this time I think a left turn is in order and see where it takes us. Hoping for some decent weather this time.

Cadwell BSB was a successful mission although a cider, wine and gin session made it like an endurance test rather than a weekend holiday, plenty of d**kheads on the campsite who thought it really funny to shout at each other from 200 yards away at 3 am (hope I didn’t wake you at 6am though)

Look out for this young lad Storm Stacey in the Motostar support races to BSB. A star in the making if ever I saw one and still only 14years old.

More to follow on the latest travels.




M’off Again

24 days in the Isle of Man completed including some horrendous weather. I was in the competitors paddock with the huge RV’s, all of which had to be pulled through the mud to get out. They even had to close Nobles Park for the general public parking.







In the next few weeks a long weekend at Donnington for the classic bikes and another weekend at Cadwell for BSB.

Then Newhaven to Dieppe at the end of August for France and Spain/Portugal returning October sometime.

Stand by for regular updates