It’s Happening!

October 2016

Well what to say, I’ve never blogged before and really wanted something to look back on and also for friends and relatives to be able to see what I’m up to. So lets give it a go, what could possibly go wrong?

A bit about me first…..At coming up 60 and recently losing my father my eyes were opened to the “what’s it all about” question. Having worked in the printing industry as an engineer for 37 years I’ve really had enough.

I have been a lifelong motorbike addict (including racing at the Isle of Man TT) However a recent knee replacement means I cannot travel on the bikes as I used to do therefore plan ‘A’ was hatched.

Plan A

Sell my bikes and any other worldly possessions I have and procure a motorhome to go a travelling. So thanks to a very understanding partner I have been able to purchase “The Breadbin” a 2007 Hymer 504 on a Fiat base vehicle.18

So after some discussions about early retirement/redundancy I think I’m ready to start making plans.



M’off Again

24 days in the Isle of Man completed including some horrendous weather. I was in the competitors paddock with the huge RV’s, all of which had to be pulled through the mud to get out. They even had to close Nobles Park for the general public parking.







In the next few weeks a long weekend at Donnington for the classic bikes and another weekend at Cadwell for BSB.

Then Newhaven to Dieppe at the end of August for France and Spain/Portugal returning October sometime.

Stand by for regular updates

Moff T’ Isle of Man

So this weekend sees the TT expedition begin, yesterday I thought I’d get the breadbin ready but “no startee Mr”…………. battery was kaput and wouldn’t accept a charge or even jump start from the car.

£130 later a new battery was fitted and all was well, the old battery appears to be the original one so at 10 years old probably shouldn’t grumble too much.

Breadbin is now partially loaded and the 125 is in the garage just some last minute food and stuff to put in.

Sunday night/Monday morning sees me on the Ben my Chree to Douglas (a bargain at £370, not) at least I’ll have a place in the paddock where I’ll be helping a friend who is racing there.

More exciting installments to follow……………………………

We’re Back

Home via Santander stayed ay Pico de la Miel http://www.picodelamiel.com another ACSI site and very nice too, also busy with many Brits all heading to or from the ferries. Next day up to Santander through some very heavy rain, the plan was to have a mooch around when we arrived but the torrential rain put paid to that.

The Bay of Biscay was NOT very calm that night and after abandoning our evening meal for fear of seeing it later we retired early (later learned it was gale force 7 to 8)

Portmouth next evening and drove just a few miles to a free pub carpark in the Meon Valley, next day home, just under 3000 miles at an average of 27mpg

New windscreen fitted and a fresh MoT all ready for the next trip.

Last weekend at the very expensive Donington Park Farmhouse for the BSB, next trip will possibly be the Isle of Man TT…………..watch this space.

The Breadbin Sleeps

The Breadbin is now resting in Nerja where the temperature is around 22 degrees daytime but quite chilly at night, had a quick look at the documents and realised that the mot expires 2nd April and I need to get the windscreen replaced before then.

Plan B is now to return to the UK via Santander at the end of March which will hopefully give me time to get everything sorted.

Where were we

So after 6 nights at Navajos (recommended) I set off down the coast and ended up on the outskirts of Benidorm. It’s a long time since I was here but boy has it changed, it’s just like the TV show only thousands more mobility scooters (even tandem ones). In its favour it is extremely cheap for food and drink. The site was packed out with mainly British, some of them there for months on end even putting flowerpots and AstroTurf down!

I managed 3 nights and that was enough for me, I’m using the ACSI book to find the sites which gets a low season discount. I have now moved further down the coast to La Escuera San Fulgencio which is a small (10 places) Dutch run site very tranquil and friendly. I’m not too far from La Marina where a friend of mine who sadly passed away last year lived, so I’ll probably try and look up his friends and wife.

The crack in the windscreen has finally decided to begin its journey across the glass so I’ll have to see about getting it replaced when I return in April.

The weather is much warmer now but still a cold wind and very chilly at night.



I’m currently holed up at Navajos a very nice site in a tiny town up in the mountains north of Valencia.  It was snowing when I left Pamplona but since getting here I’ve had sunshine. Found the tiniest of bars up an alley in the town and had a conversation with the owners, neither of us could understand the other so was very interesting!